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Marketing Lessons from the Campaign Trail ? Part 1 Marketing Articles | April 1, 2008
If you are struggling to attract new clients, apply this basic two-step approach to improve communication with your target market.

Around St. Valentine?s Day Cheap Custom Jerseys , I was helping my daughter Daphne make her mom a card. She?s five (?five and three-quarters, thank you very much,? she says) and she frequently spells words without any vowels at all. In the card she wanted to let her know how ?budfl? (beautiful) she thinks mom is. The conversation went something like this:

Me: The consonants are pretty close in that word. I think you need a few more vowels.

Daphne: Daddy, what are the consonants and what are the vowels?

Me: The consonants are B, D, F, and L. The U is a vowel.

Daphne: No, dad Cheap Jerseys , I mean in all the alphabet, which are which?

Me: Oh, I see. The consonants are the sounds you make with your lips and teeth and tongue, like S, and K and T, and the vowels are the sounds you make in the back of your mouth, like ahh, and ooh.

Daphne: No daddy Wholesale MLB Baseball Jerseys , you don?t understand. What letters are they?

Me: Well, the consonants are S, K, T, V, like those. There are a bunch of them. The vowels are A, E, I Wholesale Baseball Jerseys , O, U, and sometimes Y.

(Long thoughtful pause)

Daphne: Is Y a vowel today?

My incomplete explanation to Daphne got me thinking about how we communicate, or specifically how we don?t communicate our message as effectively as we could, especially in our marketing. If you find you?re not reaching your target market the way you?d like to, see if these ideas help.

Being a bit of a political junkie, I?ve been watching the primary races keenly, specifically focusing on how they craft their words in a way that reaches below the surface. Here?s what I?ve observed:

Great campaigners (and marketers) focus their audiences on two things.

1. What isn?t working. If you?ve turned on the news of the election for only five seconds Wholesale MLB Jerseys , I?ll bet you?ve heard the word ?change? about eighteen times. Everyone wants to be the face of change, and for good reason: a quick visit to the website of Gallup Polls shows consumer confidence down, fears of unemployment and recession up, etc.

Point people to the pain they feel, and they?ll respond quickly and viscerally.

You may remember Ronald Reagan?s mantra in 1980: ?Are you better off now than you were four years ago?? It was a brilliant rhetorical question because in the face of relatively high unemployment, rising inflation, and a perceived energy crisis (sound familiar?), most people in the US were fearful and longing for ?the good old days.?

It worked in part because it was imm. Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Authentic Nike Shoes Wholesale Youth Jordan Shoes Wholesale Air Max Black Wholesale Vapormax Kids Wholesale Nike TN Cheap Air Jordans Kids Wholesale Authentic Nike Shoes
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Geregistreerd op: 25 Mrt 2020
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